GDK Engineering Company Ltd has been in business for 35 years, as a sub contract Engineering company specialising in CNC  machining. In the last 10 years the company has moved into manufacture of its’ own products whilst still maintaining the original core business.

The main products manufactured by GDK Engineering are the worm drive slewing rings and a range of worm and wheel gearboxes. Introduction into gearbox design and manufacture was originally created by a requirement from the Access Industry, but supply has now been widened to cover many markets.

New worm drive slewing ring and gearbox design and development is continually being undertaken, and tests are currently being carried out on a worm drive slewing ring aimed at the Access Industry.

A more recent product introduced by GDK Engineering Ltd is a hand held pneumatic jack which has been specifically designed for the Pallet Repair Industry.

In order to support the Company’s’ expanding business, new systems and methods of operation have been introduced. These include approval to ISO 9001 Quality Standards, an integrated business system, a CAD system for the control of drawings and design of new products.

Stuart Easthope, Director

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